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添田奈那 / NANA SOEDA | 100人10
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  2. 添田奈那 / NANA SOEDA





セントラルセイントマーチンズ ファウンデーションコース修了。
Completed the Central Saint Martins Foundation Course.
Inspired by toys and counterfeit products sold in withered shopping streets in Asia, he felt the love of "cheap" and also resentment and sadness in various unreasonable things. I create works based on these themes.

I often encounter rude scenes in my life because of my gender and quiet appearance. I used to be angry with emotions before, but as I got older, I began to laugh and forgive no matter how rude the other person was.
As an adult, it becomes difficult to get angry or crying with emotion, and sometimes I don't know how to express those feelings.
But sometimes you lose important things by not getting angry.
Abandoned pride and regrets are unfortunately more memorable than good memories. Since I am not good at expressing emotions, I started thinking about appealing emotions in my work.
If you keep thinking about regrets and unreasonable things every day, most of the works I make are angry and crying.